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2024 Drag Races


Saturday, August 3rd, 2024

11:00 am – Gates Open

11:00 am – Registration & Tech Inspection

1:00 pm – Time Trials

3:00 pm – Racing Begins

Sunday, August 4th, 2024

8:00 am – Gates Open & Participant Breakfast

8:00 am – Tech Inspections

9:00 am – Time Trials

11:00 am – Racing Begins

Monday, August 5th, 2024

8:00 am – Gates Open & Participant Breakfast

8:00 am – Tech Inspections

9:00 am – Time Trials

11:00 am – Racing Begins


Spectators    $10.00 For weekend

Racers Entry   $50.00 per day

Junior Dragster Entry   $25.00 per day

All entry fees for racing allows you ONE pit member only. Additional pit members

$5.00 each per day


Sportsman (7.50 and slower 1/8 Mile)

  • Battery must be securely fastened with OEM hardware or two 3/8ths diameter bolts. All relocated batteries must use 3/8ths bolts. Batteries relocated into the trunk must have a
    master cut off switch, and be isolated from the driver’s compartment with a minimum .024 steel or .032 aluminum firewall. In lieu of firewall, battery may be sealed in a box made of steel or aluminum of the same thickness as the firewall, or in a NHRA accepted poly box. Box must be vented to the outside. If a fuel cell or pump is mounted in the
    trunk, the firewall rule applies.
  • Cooling system must be in good condition with no leaks, and must have a catch can of minimum one pint (16 fl oz) capacity.
  • Carburetor must have a return spring beside the ones on the carb throttle shafts. Later fuel injected vehicles with internal cable mounted springs ok.
  • Any holes in firewall must be sealed with steel or aluminum of the above thicknesses. Steering must be in good condition, and will be checked for excessive “play”. Brakes will be checked for pedal feel.
  • Wheel studs must all be present and accounted for. Stud must extend into the nut at least the diameter of the stud. Hub caps must be removed. Tires will be inspected for inflation, wear etc. Must have minimum 1/16th inch of tread.
  • Neutral safety switches!! Get it working before you come to the track!! An inoperative neutral safety switch is an accident looking for a place to happen!
  • Transmission brakes not allowed in street or sportsman.
  • Seatbelts mandatory. OEM belts are accepted down to 11.50 seconds. Belts must be in good condition and will be checked for proper operation. Seat must be securely
  • Traction devices…All traction devices that are not attached at the front must have a u-bolt or strap to prevent them from coming in contact with the track surface.
  • Gauges…fuel pressure gauges must be mounted outside of the passenger compartment if fuel is present at the gauge. A maximum of 12 inches of rubber fuel line for connection purposes only allowed. We don’t want to see a piece of rubber hose coming off the
    pump, laying against a header pipe, and snaking across the intake to the carb. Get some hardline and do it right – it costs $10 and takes half an hour to do. Maybe an hour if you’re not good at flaring. Plastic oil pressure gauge lines are frowned upon if the gauge is in the driver’s compartment.
  • You can run without a hood if you have air cleaners.
  • Passengers are allowed in time trials only, and car cannot exceed 100 mph.
    Passengers must have a seatbelt and helmet.
  • A Snell 2000 or better helmet is required. No muscle shirts, or shorts. Shoes must be worn.

Pro (7.49 and faster 1/8 Mile)

  • These rules are in addition to the rules for 14 second and slower cars. Driveshaft loop required on any car running 13.99 or quicker with slicks. Street tired cars require a driveshaft loop when running faster than 11.50.
  • A roll bar is required in convertibles running 11.00 to 13.49. Also, a 3 inch driver restraint system meeting SFI spec 16.1 is required in these cars. Restraint system must include a crotch strap, and be updated 2 year intervals from date of manufacture. Arm restraints, and gloves meeting SFI spec 3.3/1 required in open bodied cars running quicker than 12 seconds.
  • A jacket meeting SFI spec 3.2A/1 is mandatory on all cars running 10.00 to 13.99 when equipped with AFTERMARKET supercharger or turbo, or when nitrous oxide is used, and cars have full OEM or .024 steel firewall. Drivers of cars without full OEM or 0.24 steel firewall require a jacket meeting SFI spec 3.2A/5 and gloves meeting SFI spec 3.3/1.
  • Metal screw in valve stems required on all tubeless tires, front and rear, on cars running quicker than 11.99.
  • Drivers of these cars should be aware that it is NOT legal to exceed 135 mph! Some cars will, due to limited traction or staged nitrous systems not run quicker than 11.50, yet could exceed 135 mph. A whole new set of rules applies after 135 – certified chassis, 5 point restraints, neck collar, trans and flexplate shields etc. If you run a dune buggy type vehicle, check with tech before bringing it to the track, as they have a special set of rules. 

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